Biting into something hard such as candy or ice, grinding your teeth, eating and drinking hot and cold things back and forth, accidentally hitting your tooth on a hard surface, or having an accident such as falling off your bike, are all reasons why someone could crack or chip their teeth. Teeth can crack or break due to a wide variety of causes, and it is always a frightening experience. In such an alarming situation, it’s good to know what to do when you have a chip or cracked tooth.

It is usually clear when you break or chip a tooth due to symptoms that arise, such as pain, tooth sensitivity to hot or cold liquids, or physically feeling the chip or break with your tongue or to the touch. Sometimes, when a tooth breaks or chips, you may feel part of the tooth fall in or out of your mouth.

However, in some cases, people may crack or chip a tooth without even realizing it. It is recommended that routine dental checkups happen at least once a year, preferably twice. This will help to ensure that you maintain good oral hygiene, and in return your overall health. Most dentist can examine you, and identify and determine if any damage has been done to your teeth or mouth that was not at first visible. Therefore, if you feel any abnormalities or are in pain, see your dentist immediately, as early diagnosis and treatment will ensure that your smile stays intact, and further complications will be avoided.

If you suspect for any reason that one of your teeth is chipped or broken, your first response should be to call your dentist right away. If you are in the Paducah KY area and do not have a regular dentist, give us a call at Johnson Family Dental. It is important to describe your symptoms as clear as possible, so your dentist can determine whether it is an emergency, and when you should be seen. Seeing your dentist immediately is also really important whether symptoms of any kind are present or not. Chipped or broken teeth are vulnerable, as damaged teeth are left unprotected, and are more susceptible to further damage and possible infection.

If your tooth has fallen out of your mouth, especially if it’s the whole tooth or a large piece, try to save it. In some cases, the tooth may be able to be reattached by a specialist. Put the tooth in milk or water to preserve it before your appointment to keep it in tact. Take care of your mouth in general, help keep the area around the damaged tooth or teeth clean. If there is excessive bleeding, apply pressure to the area and may contact your dentist or emergency department right away.

Once you see your dentist for your chipped or cracked tooth, they will be able to determine the appropriate course of treatment, and customize it based on what has occurred. Some cracks are minor enough that they may be only a cosmetic concern, while others may be more severe, and could require treatment such as a filling, root canal, veneers, or in the most extreme cases, your dentist may have to resort to tooth removal. So, if you think you may have damaged your teeth, a quick call to the dentist will significantly reduce the trauma of further damaging your smile.

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