Thanksgiving Day is one of the most favorite holidays for many people. Enjoying that scrumptious dinner with family, watching your favorite team play football and taking the day to remember all of the things we are most thankful for. It’s a day to gain perspective on what’s really important to each one of us. It’s also a day to consume 6,000 calories in an 8 hour day. A few dental tips could come into play to keep your teeth healthy during this glorious day!

Drink water throughout the day: One of the worst things we can do it just munch on food all day long. Thus being that your saliva does not have a chance to get your teeth clean, therefore the bacteria will just continue to breed. If you drink water during and in between meals the water will wash away many of the food that is left on your teeth.

Brush, Floss and Rinse: Whether you’re enjoying your meal at home or at a loved one’s home, remember to bring your brush & floss. Try to brush at least three times a day on Thanksgiving. It will help rid some of the food particles throughout the day.

Stay away from staining foods: Some of your typical Thanksgiving Day foods can be some of the worst staining foods ever. Cranberries and pies can cause dark staining on your pearly whites. Also sweet and sticky foods such as a slice of pecan pie can also leave sticky food particles that will munch away at your teeth throughout the day.

Please take these few tips with you to your Thanksgiving Day feast to help keep your teeth healthy for life. We are also very thankful for all of our wonderful patients that we have had the privilege of knowing over the years! We want to wish you a wonderful Happy Thanksgiving Day to you, your family and your teeth from all of us at Johnson Family Dental, your Paducah family dentist.