When your tooth develops a cavity, it’s no secret that treating it as soon as possible is the best way to stop it from getting worse. This protects your tooth from suffering more significant erosion to its structure, making your cavity treatment essential to saving the tooth. Yet, in addition to stopping the infection in your tooth structure from worsening, there are several immediate benefits that come with treating your cavity. That includes finally alleviating the many different symptoms that your tooth decay is the source of.

The growing discomfort in your tooth

As tooth decay starts to affect your tooth structure, it may produce a visible impact on your tooth’s appearance. However, this may not occur until the decay is already significant, and for many patients, the more telling sign is the development of a chronic toothache. Tooth decay starts when the enamel around your tooth is weakened and compromised by harmful oral bacteria. This makes your main tooth structure more sensitive and leaves it vulnerable to more serious tooth infection. When you treat your cavity, you can finally find relief from the growing pain in your tooth and protect the rest of its natural structure from further harm.

Your ability to bite and chew comfortably

When your tooth is in pain because decay is progressing through it, the discomfort can make it difficult for you to bite and chew on the tooth. Exposure to hot and/or cold foods and beverages, as well as to pressure and friction from biting and chewing, can make the tooth uncomfortable and painful. When you treat your cavity with a biocompatible tooth filling, the filling material not only fills the cavity but also protects the exposed part of your tooth to alleviate the pain and discomfort.

The long-term state of your oral health

The tooth decay that causes a cavity to form in your tooth is a progressive concern, and time will allow it to continue to grow worse. Not only will the discomfort in your tooth become more severe, the more advanced decay can erode a significant amount of your natural tooth structure, making it more complex to remove the infection and fully restore the tooth. Treating a cavity as soon as possible mitigates this by stopping the infection from progressing, which improves the long-term state of your oral health by helping you preserve more of your healthy, natural tooth structure.

Improve your oral health by treating your cavity

Treating a cavity is important to saving your tooth from tooth decay, and the right treatment can have several important benefits beyond stopping the decay. To learn more or to schedule an appointment with your Paducah area dentist, give Johnson Family Dental a call at (270) 554-2432 or CLICK HERE to contact us.  Johnson family dental is conveniently located at 2913 Lone Oak Rd, Paducah, KY  42003.