There are numerous potential causes of gum swelling. Whatever the cause, it can be a serious issue that is often the result of bacterial infection. As such, while there are some things you can do for it at home, it should be diagnosed and treated by your dentist, particularly if accompanied by a fever and face swelling. If you are experiencing all these symptoms in addition to swelling of the teeth, the infection may be spreading and could cause additional health issues, such as difficulty swallowing or breathing. If you are unable to see your doctor immediately, it is highly recommended that you go to the emergency room.

Potential Causes of Tooth and Gum Swelling

Tooth abscess: This is often caused by extreme tooth decay at your tooth’s root and can lead to both tooth and gum swelling. It often begins simply as a toothache. Other symptoms of an abscess include bad breath, fever, teeth sensitivity and swollen glands.

Wisdom teeth irritation: As wisdom teeth attempt to break through the gums, swelling may occur. To relieve this pressure, dentists and oral surgeons will often recommend wisdom teeth removal surgery. Following wisdom teeth removal, swelling may again be noticeable in the gum and teeth regions as your mouth heals. To relieve some discomfort and to fight any bacteria, be sure to rinse your mouth with salty warm water every few hours. Ice packs against the side of your mouth can also allay the pain.

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